Get Started Speaking and Amp – Get More Clients Fast

This article is for you if you’ve never spoken to an audience before or even if you’re a seasoned speaker….let me tell you why.

Being in business for quite some time now I’ve discovered one of the easiest and fastest ways to get more clients is to get in front of many people at once and to be the expert.

There are many ways to do this however not just your typical stand up in front of a group of people and speak way. This is why this is good for everyone.

Because if you’re already speaking live at events, small or large, in person, that’s great. Are you making money at it? I’m not talking about getting paid to speak, that’s the ‘old model’. I’m talking about making money in the back of the room with your products, services, etc.; and lots of money, not just a couple hundred bucks selling your book or something.

If you’re already doing that, great, then you want to next work on how to maximize your talks and opportunities more; you’re probably missing out on thousands of dollars in sales and extra benefits you haven’t thought of negotiating yet.

If that’s all you’re doing however, speaking live in person; then you’re also missing out on huge opportunities to get in front of big audiences who will buy, there are many more ways to leverage yourself and speak in other ways.

Here are 6 ways you can speak to larger groups of people at once and possibly sell your stuff too:

1. Speaking in person at live events (obvious) – this includes local or not local chamber events, organizations, expos, conferences, business groups, etc.

2. Speaking as a guest on a teleclass or telesummit (these are becoming very popular and easy to find) – this includes your own teleclasses, other people’s teleclasses, group membership teleclasses or training classes, summits with multi-speakers on them, etc.

3. Speaking as an expert at online virtual events – this is a new businessshed, many organizations are taking their conferences ‘online’ and making them accessible to their members who live anywhere who can login and watch from their home or office. In addition, many large workshops who bring in outside speakers are also going viral, they are streaming live during their event online for online attendees as well – some for free, some for a paid ticket.

4. Speaking on online radio shows – you can either have your own show which is very easy and affordable these days to do or you can be a guest on other people’s shows (There are thousands of them online right now looking for good guests as I write this.)