Global Entry: A Faster Way to Get Through Customs and Border Protection

Global Entry is a trusted traveler program that allows pre-approved passengers to pass long customs and border protection (CBP) lines upon arrival in the United States. Global Entry members use automated kiosks to enter the country, where they scan their passport or U.S. permanent resident card, provide their fingerprints, and answer a few questions. The kiosk then issues the member a receipt, which they take to a CBP officer to complete the entry process.

Global Entry is available at over 75 airports and 15 seaports in the United States. It is also available at select international airports.

To be eligible for Global Entry, you must be a U.S. citizen, U.S. national, lawful permanent resident, or citizen of a Visa Waiver Program country. You must also pass a background check and fingerprinting.

Once you have been approved for Global Entry, you will receive a Known Traveler Number (KTN). You can then add your KTN to your airline reservations. When you arrive at the airport or seaport, look for the Global Entry signs. You will need to show your identification and boarding pass to a CBP officer, who will direct you to the Global Entry kiosks.

Global Entry costs $100 for a five-year membership. You can apply for Global Entry online or at a participating enrollment center.

Here are some of the benefits of Global Entry:

  • Faster entry: Global Entry members typically pass long customs and border protection lines.
  • Less hassle: Global Entry members do not need to fill out paper forms or declare their belongings.
  • More peace of mind: Global Entry members know that they have passed a background check and are considered to be low-risk travelers.

Global Entry is a great way to save time and hassle at customs and border protection. If you are eligible, I encourage you to sign up for the program.

Tips for using Global Entry:

  • Make sure your KTN is on your airline reservations.
  • Arrive at the airport or seaport early enough to go through Global Entry.
  • Have your identification and boarding pass ready to show to the CBP officer.
  • Follow the instructions of the CBP officers.

Global Entry is a valuable tool for frequent travelers, and it can make your international travel experience much more enjoyable.