Workplace Health Screenings Promote Healthy Employees and Productivity

Workplace health should be one of your top priorities. After all, healthy employees mean less sick days and more productivity. Even when a sick employee is at work, they are not at the top of their game and they’re not near as productive as they (or you) would like to be. When this happens, it costs you both time and money and produces very unhappy employees.

With workplace health screenings, employees can find out what their health problems are early and put a stop to them before they become very serious. This is something that’s good for not just you as an employer but also good for your employees.

What benefits do you get with workplace health screenings?

Workplace health screenings pick up on health-related issues that would ordinarily go unnoticed. Cholesterol and blood pressure screenings can help employees identify if they are at risk for heart disease. Both of these conditions are treatable with lifestyle changes which will lower the risk for heart disease. When dealt with early on, it can stave off a future heart attack, which can be a serious loss to your business.

You can also get glucose checks to identify diabetes or pre-diabetes. Bear in mind that employees could have type 2 diabetes and have no inkling of it whatsoever. After all, the symptoms of type 2 diabetes are very subtle and can take time to rear their ugly head.

Pre-diabetes is when blood sugar levels are high but not considered diabetic level range. People with pre-diabetes are folks with a high risk of developing full-scale diabetes, unless they make some serious changes and get treatment. Type 2 diabetes is a significant risk factor for a number of diseases like heart disease.

Workplace health screenings might be the only health checks your employees get

Many employees don’t make their health the top priority. Some folks won’t see a doctor for years or have their blood pressure or cholesterol levels checked out. While workplace health shouldn’t be a replacement for doctor-checked blood studies and physical exams, they can screen and identify health issues like high cholesterol, blood sugar levels and high blood pressure before the health issues become very troublesome.