3 Simple Steps For Building Your Brand Online The Right Way!

I was reading through some emails lately and came across a pretty quick email from a successful marketer that I don’t typically agree with.

The article was pretty much presenting the question: Why are there so many people online who can teach you to do this or do that, when they have never done this or that for themselves.

I know, I know….Attraction marketing is king right?

Position yourself as a leader, bring value to the marketplace and you will generate an endless amount of free leads and new distributors to your business at will.

Doesn’t it sound just too damn easy?

Here is the deal. The marketers that are able to do this all have the same traits and I promise you that it is not going out and spouting off at the mouth about how they are trainers and coaches when they are not.

They have earned their right to be in the position that they are in through hard work and dedication and ACTUALLY PROVIDING THEIR OWN VALUE to the market place.

If you ever want to step up and really be attractive here are three steps that I strongly urge you to follow.

Step One- Learn A New Skill. If you ever want to have any short or long term success in this business then you need to be learning new skills as often as possible.

Hop on a few webinars, invest in quality training courses (not cheap eBook garbage), read real books on a daily basis.

I personally read every single day of the week because I enjoy learning.

Step Two- Implement the new skill. This for some reason is what brings 90% of the people who want to have success down. (Never trust a statistic…lol) Seriously though, why invest the time, money and energy into learning something if you are never going to use it.

You never know, it may actually work!

Step Three- Share your results. To me this is the easiest part of the whole three part process and where “attraction marketing” really starts to kick in. People can use your trial and error to benefit themselves. Continue to do this over and over and people will start to follow you to “steal” you businessshed.

This same three step success process is what has created ever single successful person in this whole industry. Look at someone like Mike Dillard, he failed and failed and when he found something that worked…he shared it.